Planting seeds for life!

Your child can begin to bloom with a lifetime love of learning from the seeds of learning planted at Farmview Montessori Garden.

Your child deserves the quality Montessori education. We are committed to the childhood years age’s three to six, including kindergarten.

Your child will lay the foundation needed for future learning as well as life. Through independence and simple responsibilities, your child will grow into a leader with a holistic approach to education. Your child will become well balanced in all areas of development.

Your child grows from within, becoming an independent, responsible person with a positive feeling for him/herself.

The educational program is based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. She believed given freedom within limits, the child develops academically, emotionally, physically and socially.

With guidance from the teacher, Dr. Maria Montessori believed that development must take place naturally and with the whole child. She taught that through this natural development, each child would progress at his/her own pace if placed in a stimulating environment, which is carefully prepared to aid, and nurture human development.



  • Pre-School

    The preprimary or preschool program usually starts with a child at two and a half or three years […]

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  • Kindergarten

    The Kindergarten year at Farmview Montessori is usually the third year (four for some) for students who

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